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OREO Carrot Cake Cookies 261 G

Cookie of Comfort. Kick back with the feel-good flavor of carrot cake anytime you like with OREO. Smooth cream cheese–flavored filling is sandwiched between two carrot cake wafers, making for a melt-in-your-mouth snack experience that’s only as far away as the cookie jar.



(sugar, glucose-fructose, corn syrup), Wheat flour, Modified palm oil, Vegetable oil, Whole wheat flour, Corn starch, Spice, Corn cereal, Salt, Palm oil, Baking soda, Soy lecithin, Paprika extract, Lactic acid, Adipic acid, Modified coconut oil, Yeast extract, Artificial flavour (with cinnamon), Caramel colour. Contains: Wheat, Soy.

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