Smart Snacking Recipes


Good to know deliciousness is still on the table.
Smart snack recipes like these can take you to your happy place.

Smart Snacking
Smart Snacking

Smart Snacking Tips

  • Keep portion sizes sensible. When snack time calls for a treat like cookies or snack crackers, 100 calories is about right. Stock your shelves with pre-portioned snack ideas, such as THINSATIONS Packs, snack bars or dried fruit.
  • Include snacks as part of your eating plan, not as “extras” or you might end up getting too many calories. Think about what food groups you’re missing and use snacks to fill in the gaps.
  • Put nutritious snacks on your shopping list so you have plenty of nutritious options on hand.
  • A smart snack is big enough to take the edge off your appetite, but not so big that you eat too many calories. To control portions, use the serving size information on the Nutrition Facts label as a guide, put a portion of your snack on a plate or in a bowl rather than eating out of the bag or container, or choose snacks with built-in portion control. For many people, a snack with 100 calories is about right.
  • Snack two or three hours before your next meal to take the edge off your hunger. You might be less likely to munch while you make dinner or overeat at your meal.
  • Break the habit of snacking while you watch TV or talk on the phone, or you might overeat before you realize it. Pay attention to what and how much you eat, so your snack is enjoyable and satisfying. And only snack if you’re hungry, not just out of habit.