Halloween Recipes


Nothing haunts Halloween like snacks you can’t keep in stock.
From creepy cupcakes to terrifying treats, these Halloween recipes
are spooktacular. Leave a bowl of candy on the porch for
trick-or-treaters, and keep these delicious Frankensnacks for
yourself. Now that’s a real treat.


Halloween Tips

  • It's easy to customize a packaged cake mix for Halloween. Just stir 2 Tbsp. Halloween-coloured sprinkles or miniature chocolate chips into the batter, and then bake as directed for a fun and unexpected surprise.
  • Transporting cupcakes can be as scary as the ghouls and ghosts running around on October 31st.  Bakery-style boxes, which can typically be found at craft stores or in grocery store bakeries, are perfect for toting your cupcakes to your party destination.  A disposable foil casserole pan with a lid works just as well in a pinch. 
  • Halloween treats are about more than just candy.  Take the extra step and serve delicious treats, such as caramel apples, home-baked cookies and/or decorated cupcakes, at your next Halloween party.
  • Dress up your favourite cakes and cookies with simple toppings, such as Halloween-coloured frostings, candy corn or Halloween-themed sprinkles.
  • Put your cakes on display by borrowing a variety of cake stands from neighbours and friends and using them to serve a variety of bite-sized desserts. Silver, white or black cake stands will fit in well with your Halloween décor.
  • To make your favourite crispy treat recipe spookier, top with Halloween-themed sprinkles or drizzle with melted orange, black, or purple candy melts.
  • Hosting a pumpkin carving party? Roast the seeds while the guests are busy carving their pumpkins.  Then send each guest home with a bag of the roasted seeds as their party favour.
  • Curb candy appetites by giving your trick-or-treaters an early meal or nutritious snack before they head outside. It may prevent a Halloween tummy ache later!
  • Always accompany young ghosts and goblins when they are out trick-or-treating. Stick to familiar neighbourhoods and houses.
  • When trick-or-treating at night or on cloudy days, make sure children wear reflective clothing and carry a flashlight.
  • Think costume safety. Avoid clumsy shoes or boots. Opt for face paints, available in special kits, rather than vision-restricting masks.
  • Inspect all candies before the kids dive into them. Discard any that are unwrapped or have torn wrappers.
  • Discard fruit and homemade treats unless you personally know their source. When in doubt, throw it out!
  • When lighting a carved jack-o-lantern, always use a candle with a solid base. To prevent a fire hazard, never leave a candlelit pumpkin unattended.