Don't you wish all triangles were made of Toblerone ? Toblerone Chocolate is made with premium quality Swiss Chocolate and delectable honey and almond nougat in a unique triangle shape. The signature taste of premium Toblerone Swiss Chocolate is available in Milk, Dark and White chocolate, Fruit & Nut and new Crunchy Almond.

Toblerone  Swiss Chocolate is available in these sizes & varieties:
35 g and 50 g: Milk chocolate
100 g: Milk, Dark and White chocolate, Fruit & Nut and new Crunchy Almond.
360 g: Milk, Dark and White chocolate and Fruit & Nut

Toblerone Tiny

Life is sweet with Toblerone Tiny chocolates.

Toblerone Tiny chocolates are generous bite-sized, individually wrapped pieces of Swiss chocolate and honey and almond nougat, made to be savoured.

The Variety pack offers 3 flavours of delicious Toblerone Tiny chocolates: Milk, Dark and White.

Toblerone Tiny chocolates are only available in special holiday formats during the Valentines, Easter and the Festive season

Toblerone 1 minute Fondue

Place 2 bars (100g each) Toblerone  Swiss Milk chocolate, broken into triangles, and ½ cup milk in a microwave-soft bowl. Microwave on Medium for 1 minute, stirring after 30 seconds.

Remove from microwave and stir until completely melted. If desired, stir in a spoonful of liqueur or a few drops of flavored extract. Transfer mixture to heatproof serving bowl or small fondue pot. Serve with sliced fruit, cake or biscuits.

Write this recipe on a card and tie to a Toblerone  Swiss Milk Chocolate bar with a ribbon for gourmet gift.

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