Titans Association Soccer Club

Les Escoumins, Quebec

To me, seeing this kind of support from Christie goes a long way to supporting the sporting life of a child.

Amy Walsh,
Canada Soccer Hall Of Famer

North of Quebec City on the mouth of the St. Lawrence is the the region of Côte-Nord. Beautiful, rugged and expansive, this north-eastern corner of the province is home to the small town of Les Escoumins.

This might not be where you’d expect to find a soccer hot spot but you won’t meet anyone more committed to growing the game and her community than Myriam Tremblay.

Being a small, isolated town can pose many challenges but the biggest challenge has been where to play. With no soccer field, the team often resorts to using baseball diamonds.

In order to make the most of a short summer season, building a new regulation soccer field was essential to help soccer thrive.

Despite her busy life, Myriam and her family have been a force in making big things happen in her small town. Together with the neighbouring Aboriginal Community, Essipit, they’ve been able to fund, find and build a new soccer home for the Titans Club.

Christie Cookies had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful Canadian and are proud to support her work and the town of Les Escoumins with a donation of $18,000.