Soccer Dieppe Club

Moncton, New Brunswick

Dieppe’s unifying spirit is an inspiration. I’m proud to help Christie support this community that is doing great things to help grow soccer in Canada.

Ashton Morgan,
Canadian Men’s National Team

In the 10 years since arriving on the shores of Moncton New Brunswick, Taha Maarous has lived the Canadian Story.

As an International Student, Taha was quick to assimilate to his new home through his love for soccer, quickly earning his coaching license upon graduation and coaching several local clubs as an active volunteer.

In 2014 Taha received a phone call from a friend informing him of an opportunity letting Taha help a New Brunswick soccer community in a profound way.

Local team Soccer Dieppe was struggling. Enrollment was dropping, and there were few volunteers to help turn things around. It was at this time that Taha came on board to rework the Club’s overall mission, branding and programs.

In just 4 years, with the help of some re-energized volunteers, the club has doubled it’s membership by focusing on grassroots recruitment and development that is now recognized as a provincial best-in-class program.

With a focus on accessibility, players in Dieppe of all ages can now enjoy soccer. Taha’s efforts have helped develop new programming for kids under 3, after class programming for youth in 5 schools, and even a golden age category.

Together with Canada Soccer, Christie proudly supports this special community of Dieppe and those unique individuals helping to spark a passion for soccer in youth.