Duggan Community League

Edmonton, Alberta

Having this kind of support at the grassroots – it’s where things begin - you never know where the opportunity can take you.

Desiree Scott,
Canadian Women’s National Team

In the south west corner of Edmonton, Alberta, you’ll find an area known as Duggan.

Duggan may seem like any neighbourhood, but when it comes to Soccer, nobody can rival their passion for the game.

This is because of the hard work of volunteers like Ali Kamal.

As a community, Duggan welcomes a large number of new families to Canada. A newcomer himself in 2004, Ali believes the best way to integrate kids into their new home is through the sport of soccer, so he works tirelessly to make the game accessible to all.

Ali has a wonderful family and a thriving business, and giving back is a way to say ‘thank you’ for all this special community has given him.

Together with Soccer Canada, Christie proudly supports the Duggan Soccer Club and individuals like Ali who help to spark a passion for soccer in youth.