Côte d'Or

A pure surge of chocolate intensity

The boldness of Africa's cacao beans in the hands of Belgium's legendary chocolatier. Taste the chocolate intensity that is Côte d'Or.

In 1883, Belgian chocolatier Charles Neuhaus journeyed to Africa's Gold Coast in search of the finest cocoa for a new kind of chocolate. In the equatorial sunshine of present-day Ghana, Neuhaus found hardy cocoa beans. In Côte d'Or  chocolate, he brought their strong flavour to life through patience, craftsmanship and unwavering standards of quality.

The African elephant on the label of Côte d'Or  chocolate quickly became Belgium's recognized symbol of fine chocolate. In 1965, the Côte d'Or  brand earned the title of Fournisseur Breveté de la Cour de Belgique - official supplier to the Belgian royal family.

Côte d'Or  offers a line-up of fine Belgian chocolate.

Côte d'Or  Experiences 100-gram premium chocolate tablets:

  • Noir 86% Cacao: Côte d'Or  Brut chocolate contains 86% cocoa for a smooth, pure and intensely rewarding experience you'll truly savour.
  • Noir 70% Cacao: Intense 70% Cacao has outside layers of dark chocolate that surround a rich center and delivers a rich dark chocolate taste.
  • Pistache Noir 70%: Intense 70% dark chocolate combined with caramelized pistachio nut bits.
  • Noir Orange: A rewarding dark chocolate complemented by orange chocolate truffle and pieces of candied orange zest.
  • Noir Citron: Intense 70% dark chocolate masterfully combined with lemon zest to create a decadent taste like no other.

Côte d'Or  200g chocolate tablets:

Available in Dark Chocolate with Almonds and Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts

Côte d'Or  150g (2x75g) chocolate tablets:

Dark and Milk Chocolate flavours featured in Centennial paper wrap packaging from 1911.

Best Savoured After the Sun Goes Down

Like all delicacies, Côte d'Or  chocolate complements other fine taste experiences. Whether you're enjoying by yourself or with company, our expert chocolatiers recommend partnering Côte d'Or  chocolate with coffee, wine and even beer. Treat yourself with some of the following pairings:

  • Côte d'Or  Noir 70% Cacao is a well-balanced bar that pairs very well with a fruity, complex red zinfandel. A big, bold, hearty Zin plays on the fruity complexity of the bar while being able to stand up to a bar that stands extremely well on its own. Or, if you prefer sweet wines, try the Noir 70% Cacao with a late harvest white Riesling.
  • Côte d'Or  Brut 86% Cacao is a powerful, dark chocolate. To embrace this power, partner the 86% Cacao with a tawny port. If you want to lighten the flavour of the 86%, try it with a fruity, lambic-style peach or raspberry beer.
  • Côte d'Or  Noir Orange has its fruit flavours intensified when it's consumed with an ice wine. The wine's tropical fruit flavors play gently with the candied orange flavor, while the thick, syrupy texture of the wine coats the mouth and smoothes out the bar's finish.