Since the dawn of time, mankind has searched the galaxy far and wide for a truly social snack. A rich, buttery cracker that would turn every occasion into a spontaneous smorgasbord of good times. It wasn't until 1935, however, that those prayers were finally answered...

  • 1935

    RITZ Crackers make their Canadian debut, showing the world that even mounties, hockey players, and other Canadian stereotypes enjoy the rich, buttery pleasures of social snacking.

    Named after the world famous RITZ Hotel, the cracker offers Canadians a fun new way to experience the taste of luxury (minus the laundry service).

  • 1940's

    RITZ comes to be known as the cracker that will guarantee social success, provided you continue to brush your teeth and don't talk about that time you were "abducted by a UFO".

  • 1950's

    The new packaging is introduced to reflect the modernity and dynamism of the period, plus the fact that people just really like circles.

  • 1960's

    RITZ is there to change with the times, offering snackers a cracker option that's perfect for every occasion. To the dismay of RITZ eaters everywhere, mankind discovers that the moon isn't actually just a giant ball made of cheese.

  • 1970's

    RITZ eaters continue to experiment with new and exciting topping combinations, proving that RITZ is the snack that never goes out of style (*cough* bell-bottoms *cough*).

  • 1990's

    RITZ Bits Sandwiches and RITZ Air Crisps are introduced, giving snackers two exciting new ways to get their RITZ fix.

    After lots of jealous whining, RITZ Crackers are given a new "Original" label to reassue them that they'll always be our favourite.

  • 2000's

    Snackers are introduced to three exciting new RITZ varieties (Chips, Crackerfuls, and Munchables), as choruses of "What will they think of next? Om nom nom..." can be heard at social gatherings around the globe.