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NEW! Resealable snacking on the go!

Christie Go Packs

Your favourite Mr.Christie cookie snacks – now available in convenient resealable cups – perfect for home, office or in the car. Great for sharing too!

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NEW for the Holidays!

Cadbury Gift Boxes

Look for new Caramel flavor this Holiday season.

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NEW for the Holidays!

Look for new TOBLERONE gift boxes this Holiday season.

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OREO Gingerbread is back this holiday season!

Celebrate the season with fun and delicious OREO Gingerbread flavour crème cookies

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Introducing NEW CHIPS AHOY! Holiday Cookies

Great tasting CHIPS AHOY! cookies now with festive inspired chips for the holiday season!

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RITZ Snowflake is Back!

The rich buttery taste of RITZ is now in a fun-shaped snowflake, perfect for the festive season!

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CHRISTIE Holiday Crackers…Back for a limited time!

CHRISTIE Holiday Crackers offer an assortment of delicious festive-shaped crackers that are perfect for sharing with family and friends during the Holiday season. Available for a limited time!

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Presenting NEW Cadbury Dairy Milk MARVELLOUS CREATIONS bars!


Available in three extraordinary flavours: Jelly Popping Candy, Cookie Nut Crunch and Banana Caramel Crisp. Perfect to Share!

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Limited edition TRIDENT & DENTYNE Snowmen bottles!


These festive bottles are the perfect holiday stocking stuffer!

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WHEAT THINS Crackers – Now Air POPPED to Delight! NEW WHEAT THINS Popped!

Wheat thins Popped

Three new flavourful varieties of your favourite WHEAT THINS crackers, now air POPPED to delight! Available in Original, Spicy Cheddar, and Sour Cream & Onion!

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Shaped to Make Every Occasion Delicious!

PP Rounds

Canada's favourite soda cracker brand is now round! PREMIUM PLUS ROUNDS are perfect for celebrating special moments, sharing casually with friends or satisfying a snack craving.

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Anywhere you go, take RITZ To-Go!

Ritz to go

Enjoy the rich buttery taste of Ritz in convenient individually wrapped packs. Perfect for snacking on the go. Available in two great varieties; Buttery and Everything flavours!

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MR. CHRISTIE'S Despicable Me Minion-shaped cookies in Honey and Cocoa flavours that are Peanut Free and perfect for lunch boxes!

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NEW Gluten Free RICE THINS! Same Great Taste!

Rice Thins

RICE THINS Crackers are now Gluten Free! Enjoy the same great Rice Thins taste, with their light, crispy texture and surprising crunch They’re baked not fried, low in saturated fat, and zero cholesterol.

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Stride Sour Patch Kids, the only gum to sucker punch your taste buds - then show them some love. It’s MAD SOUR MAD SWEET GUM!

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DENTYNE Rush available in bottles!


Dentyne Rush releases a burst of icy crystals that quickly cools your mouth and freshens your breath. Practice safe breath on the go with Dentyne Rush 40 piece bottles - perfect for driving, at work and at home!

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A NEW Triscuit Cracker for Garlic Lovers!

Triscuit New

This signature Roasted Garlic flavour cracker can inspire many occasions. Whether topped or eaten on their own, your creative opportunities are endless with these crackers!

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Try NEW Trident Layers Grape Lemonade & Trident Layers Watermelon Punch


Drink up summer with the latest flavour combinations that will drop kick your taste buds!

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