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When we introduce a new snack treat or amazing new flavor of a beloved favourite, we want you to know first. Right here.

Try NEW Chips Ahoy! Middles Oreo Crème Cookies

Oreo Middles

This delicious new product combines Chips Ahoy! chocolate chips with Oreo Crème in one soft cookie! Available for a limited time only!

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Try the ALL NEW Trident Layers Swedish Fish gum!


A mouthwatering blend of SWEDISH FISH® berry and lemon flavour candy that is sure to satisfy any craving.


Try the ALL NEW Stride Winterblue gum!


Introducing a new great-tasting mint flavour to Stride, Winterblue gum!


Try Stride Sour Patch Kids Watermelon gum!


ALL NEW Stride Sour Patch Kids Watermelon flavour gum - The taste of Watermelon Flavour storms your taste buds, then sweetly serenades you!


Presenting New Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvellous Mixes

Marvelous Mixes

Your favourite treats…Marvellously mixed.

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Try the ALL NEW Dentyne Arctic Bubble Gum!


The ALL NEW Dentyne Arctic Bubble gum combines the breath freshening and cooling sensation of Dentyne Peppermint with a delicious, mouthwatering bubblegum flavour.


Oreo S'mores


A campfire favourite is now a new Oreo flavour! Available for a limited time only, try S’mores Oreo cookies today!


Introducing Wheat Thins Spicy Buffalo

Wheat Thins

New bold flavour for the Wheat Thins line up!

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Triscuit Balsamic and Basil is back!

The artisanal taste that stimulates the senses has returned. With the divine tartness of balsamic and the subtle spice of basil, this pairing of flavours is a snacking masterpiece.