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A NEW kind of Triscuit made with Brown Rice!


Triscuit made with Brown Rice is now available on Triscuit ThinCrisps crackers, featuring the intriguing flavor combination of sour cream and chive. You’ve never tasted a Triscuit like this. Snack on, food lovers.

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Introducing New Cadbury Crunchums!

What's New

Crunchy corn puffs enrobed in delicious chocolatey goodness


Score a bag of Limited Edition Stanley Cup® OREOs!


In partnership with the NHL®, OREO is offering Limited Edition Stanley Cup® OREO cookies! They make a great addition to your all-star snacking line up. © NHL

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Introducing NEW Dentyne Avalanche


Practice safe breath with Dentyne Avalanche, the new player in wintergreen.

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Introducing NEW flavours from Oreo!


Delightful chocolate & mint crème sandwiched between crunchy chocolate cookies. Only from Oreo, Milk’s favourite Cookie!

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Introducing new Maynards Linkz! Crown your mouth!


Introducing new Maynards Linkz Sour Patch Kids, and Maynards Linkz Sour Cherry Blasters! Crown your mouth!

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New Tastes of Cadbury Dairy Milk

CDM new flavours

Multiply your joy with milk chocolate combined with the taste of Caramel Popcorn and Chips Ahoy! Cookie Dough. Perfect for anyone who loves the flavour of caramel, popcorn, cookies & chocolate (which we’re pretty sure is just about everyone).

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