TRISCUIT made with brown rice

snack on, food lovers

New Triscuit made with Brown Rice is bringing gourmet snacking to the masses. Straight out of the box or topped with your favourite ingredients, these crackers are perfect for foodies of all kinds.

  • Made with Brown Rice
    & Sweet Potato
    Caramelized Onion Flavour

    Savoury sweet potato and smoky caramelized onion come together with brown rice to create true comfort food in one tasty cracker.

  • Made with Brown Rice
    & Red Bean
    Roasted Red Pepper Flavour

    The flavours of red bean, brown rice and roasted red pepper will brighten any occasion. on their own or Topped with salsa, these crackers will take your next occasion from fête to fiesta.

  • Made with Brown Rice
    Tomato & Sweet Basil Flavour

    The fresh flavours of Tomato and Sweet Basil in these Triscuit crackers will evoke a summer salad that will have you yearning for a picnic. Don't forget the mozzarella!

  • Made with Brown Rice
    Sea Salt & Black Pepper Flavour

    When crisp black pepper, delicious sea salt and hearty brown rice come together, it's a foodie's paradise.

    Brown Rice & Wheat Cracker

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Triscuit made with Brown Rice