The CADBURY Bicycle Factory is Open.

You can help turn long walks to school into short rides for school children in Ghana at

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  • Cadbury Dairy Milk

    Cadbury Dairy Milk

    For over 50 years, Cadbury Dairy Milk has been renowned as a delicious, creamy chocolate. It is stuffed with the yummiest ingredients and is perfect for treating yourself or sharing among family and friends! Learn more about Cadbury Dairy Milk HERE.

  • Cadbury Caramilk

    Cadbury Caramilk

    A proud “made in Canada” story, THE SECRET how we get the soft flowing caramel into those delicious bars of chocolate is a 44 year old secret safely locked away within the Gladstone chocolate factory in Toronto, Ontario. Learn more about the Caramilk Secret HERE.

  • Cadbury Mr. Big

    Cadbury Mr. Big

    Mr. Big is bigger than the average bar. Filled with a vanilla wafer, peanuts, caramel, rice crisps, and coated in chocolaty goodness – it’s definitely a Big Deal. Learn more about Mr. Big HERE.

  • Cadbury Wunderbar

    Cadbury Wunderbar

    With creamy peanut butter, light rice crisps and chewy caramel, all smothered in a rich, creamy milk chocolaty coating, it’s easy to see how this bar got its name!

  • Cadbury Mini Egg

    Cadbury Mini Eggs

    Rich, creamy, Cadbury milk chocolate in small egg-shaped pieces, covered in a crisp candy coating - perfect for sharing! Available during Easter and Festive seasons.

  • Cadbury Creme Egg

    Cadbury Creme Egg

    One of Canada's favourite Easter treats - a milk chocolate shell filled with a sweet, creamy white fondant and a yellow fondant center. Cadbury Screme Eggs are available during Halloween – same great “goo” and taste as Crème Eggs! Learn more about Creme Egg HERE.

  • Cadbury Crunchie

    Cadbury Crunchie

    With golden sponge toffee smothered in rich, creamy milk chocolate. Crunchie is a perfect combination of sweet taste and airy light texture.

  • Cadbury Crispy Crunch

    Cadbury Crispy Crunch

    Since 1923, our 'Crispy Crunch' bar has been a Canadian treat, with rich, creamy chocolate wrapped around delicious flaky peanut layers.

  • Cadbury Bite Size

    Cadbury Bite Sized

    Enjoy the great taste of our Cadbury bite-size pieces! Go HERE to learn more about bite-sized goodness.